📱Do you keep personal data private and secure?


Klover takes data privacy seriously and it is secured using the highest level 256bit which is Bank-Level encryption technology.

💰️ How does Klover make money?

Your custom profile enables Klover to show you relevant offers in the form of advertising, to earn or save with our partners, and to gather anonymous market research.

We’ll always stay true to our mission of leveraging data to give you access to great financial services.

📆 I just started my job and got my first paycheck do I qualify?

Congratulations on the new gig! However, we do require at least three consistent direct deposits within the past two months with no gaps in pay with the same employer; once you meet those requirements feel free to apply and request a boost!

🏦 Do I need to connect my bank?

Yes. Klover needs your financial information to:
- Transfer you cash
- Review your cash flow
- Verify that you are not a robot

☠️ Can I cancel and delete my data with Klover?

Absolutely. You have the right to cancel and delete your data at any time by submitting a request here Klover Support

💬 Still have questions?

Our customer support is here to help.

Contact the Klover Support team by submitting a request here: Klover Support

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