How we use data

We’ll always stay true to our mission of leveraging data to give you access to great financial services.

Our plain & simple data disclosure.

We believe in unlocking fair access to products and services based on your financial profile and with your permission. You'll never accidentally agree to something with us, and you can have your data deleted by just letting us know.

We will never share or sell your personal or identifiable information, ever.

How do we make money?

Your custom profile enables Klover to show you relevant offers in the form of advertising, to earn or save with our partners, and to gather anonymous market research.

We never charge interest, only charge for premium services.

Why you need to connect your bank.

The most important reason we connect to your bank account is to transfer you cash. But we also need to review your cash flow and verify that you aren't a robot.

Your information is safe and anonymous with us. We aren't interested in who you are.
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