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Client Success Story: Savvy

Comparing car insurance quotes used to be difficult. You would have to call or visit multiple locations to find out their rates. Now, consumers can find valid insurance options in minutes. Digital startup Savvy makes the process even easier. 

With Savvy, you can compare rates from hundreds of auto insurers. 

What Savvy Wanted

Savvy knows who their customers are. The question is, how do they find them? To run a precise, targeted ad campaign, you need data. 

A solution was found with Klover. Klover’s trove of verified, ethically-sourced data has invigorated Savvy’s marketing strategy. Specifically, the startup needed access to a steady flow of consumers who are both interested in insurance savings and willing to share their current insurance account information. 

Klover’s audience dovetails perfectly with Savvy’s ideal consumers. Everyone who uses Klover agrees to link their bank account in exchange for free financial services. This gives Klover the power to group users by income level, spending history, employment, etc. Klover knows which users have a car because their car payments and gas purchases appear on their accounts. 

Klover’s young age was especially attractive to Savvy. Because both companies are startups, they’ve been able to grow together throughout their partnership. 

How Klover Helped

Having access to Klover’s data store has helped Savvy achieve its data-driven insurance marketing goals. First, by providing accurately targeted user groups.

Data is essential because broad-stroke marketing is not effective online. Showing ads to consumers who are clearly not interested is not only a waste of time and money but can also hurt your brand’s credibility. With the help of Klover, Savvy showed its most effective ads to high-value potential customers. 

Savvy also took advantage of Klover’s on and off-platform audience targeting and marketed their services to consumers in multiple places. As Klover has grown and amassed more data, so has Savvy. 

Savvy’s campaigns with Klover have led to increased brand awareness and improved customer engagement. The comprehensive analytics lets Savvy track advertising success from first impression to account creation. 

Business Impact

Savvy first partnered with Klover in April 2021, and the impact was immediate. Savvy experienced a promotional sales lift of 125% using Klover’s on and off-platform targeting capabilities.

In addition, consumers who found Savvy through Klover are twice as likely to link their insurance account, giving Savvy insurance data to utilize in future campaigns. 

The cross-platform marketing helped Savvy’s customers as well. The partnership between Klover and Savvy has netted users over 5.6 million Klover points. These points are redeemable for additional financial credit. 

Users have also benefited through insurance savings. By leveraging Klover's platform, Savvy empowers consumers to take back control over their data and put it to work for them--in this case, saving them $50-plus a month on auto insurance. So far, Savvy and Klover have saved consumers an estimated $1.7M in insurance costs. 

Savvy’s success relies on quality data. Discover how zero-party data can strengthen your business.

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