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Early Tax Refunds Available

Most working Americans receive a tax refund every year. However, you don’t need to wait for the IRS to access your cash. Get your money sooner with a tax refund advance.

Klover provides early tax refunds year-round in exchange for your banking data. Other companies might charge a one-time fee. 

Why Early Tax Refunds?

Every paycheck, your employer deducts money to send to the IRS. Your federal income tax rate could be as high as 37 percent, depending on your earnings. You’re also responsible for paying Social Security and Medicare taxes. 

If too much money is deducted from your paychecks, the IRS will send you a refund during tax season. This year, the average tax refund was $2,827. 

Advance tax services let you access that money sooner. You can even split your payments so you receive money throughout the year instead of just once. These payments can eliminate the need to use high-interest credit cards or short-term loans to pay your bills. Too much high-interest debt can easily derail your financial goals. 

Early tax advances, however, are oftentimes tied to your tax refund, so you don’t have to worry about ballooning repayments. You’ll repay your advance when you receive your refund. 

Klover Helps Maximize Tax Refunds

There’s a new option for early tax refunds - Klover. We offer interest-free advances year-round through our app. After you sign up, you’ll receive your tax refund as monthly payments instead of one lump sum. 

Remember, your tax refund is your money. The size of your refund depends on how much your employer deducts from your paychecks. Receiving a big check at the end of tax season is nice, but the amount doesn’t include interest. With Klover, you can maximize your tax refund by receiving more of your earnings each month. 

In exchange for the early funds, you agree to give Klover access to your banking data. Your personal information is safe and will never be shared. We will, however, show you ads based on your spending history.

Klover + Column Tax

Klover partnered with Column Tax to create its new tax service. Column Tax is a tax preparation startup that recently raised $5.1 million in seed funding. The “Tax Refund Unlock” service, available through Klover’s app, is Column Tax’s first commercial product. 

Column Tax’s recent seed round was led by Bain Capital Ventures along with South Park Commons, Core Innovation Capital, and Operator Partners. Other notable investors who participated in the round include former Wealthfront CEO, Adam Nash.

Unlike most tax services companies, Column Tax is mobile-only. The software links to your bank account and makes it easier to file your taxes.

Bank account integration is also the reason why Klover and Column Tax can offer early tax refunds all year. Your bank transactions show how much you were paid and when you received the money, giving Column Tax crucial income data needed to predict your tax refund and set up your early tax account with Klover. 

Download Klover today 

Forget about predatory short-term loans and credit cards; when you need extra cash, download Klover. If you’re eligible for our tax refund advance, you’ll receive a reliable cash boost every month.

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