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Personalized Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaigns

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, brands are fighting for attention. If you want your products to get noticed when people buy gifts for the special day, it’s time to launch a personalized campaign.

Generic, mass marketing efforts won’t cut it. Consumers want ads that target their interests, like coupons for plant-based meat if you’re a vegetarian or deals on chef’s knives if you like to cook. 

Personalized marketing requires data - you need to know that the consumer is a vegetarian or dedicated cook. Here are a few ways you can use data to create effective, personalized Valentine’s Day campaigns. 

Personalizing Campaigns with Zero-Party Data

Marketers call it “personalized marketing” when data is used to deliver targeted ads to groups and individuals. The data could include spending patterns, purchase history, and more. 

Zero-party data, data that’s explicitly provided by consumers, is uniquely suited for today’s personalized campaigns. Other forms of data are too limited. For instance, you may not be able to glean that much information from your website. Privacy concerns inhibit the use of third-party data. 

You can rely on zero-party data because it’s based on the customer’s own word or behavior. The information you gather can help you improve the customer experience as well as create better-targeted ads. Connecting with customers is easier if you know what they want. 

Incorporating Data into Your Valentine’s Day Campaigns

During the holidays, data-driven campaigns are crucial. If you don’t snag your customer’s attention, another brand will.

This is especially true for gift-giving holidays like Valentine’s Day. In the weeks leading up to February 14, people across the country will eagerly search for the perfect gift. A data-driven, personalized campaign can help convince people that your product is the ideal option. 

One of the most common ways to utilize consumer data is to create shopping lists based on individual interests. Remember the vegan who received a plant-based meat coupon? An effective Valentine’s Day voucher might offer a meatless dinner for two. 

Valentine's Day is typically viewed as a lovers’ holiday, but many Americans also choose to show love to their pets, friends, and family members. So, you don’t need to limit your marketing to couples. If you’ve identified customers who spend money at pet stores, send them ads for heart-shaped dog toys. Celebrate the holiday in ways that will resonate with each customer. 

Measuring the Success of Personalized Campaigns

A personalized Valentine’s Day advertising campaign can increase sales, but you need to make sure that’s what’s really going on. Perhaps another factor is driving interest in your products. 

When you partner with Klover, you can close the loop and see exactly how data affected your conversion rate. Klover provides zero-party data that is reliable, relevant, and ethically sourced. Because we have access to transaction and receipt-level information, we can track users from first media impression to initial purchase. 

Discover precisely how zero-party data can strengthen your business.

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