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How to Use Data to Improve Customer Experience

Improve your Customer Experience with Zero Party Data

Most shoppers can remember at least one aggravating customer experience. 

A customer service team that takes weeks to respond, or a profile page that’s riddled with misinformation – these types of mistakes can send your customers straight to your competitors. 

If you want to enhance the customer experience and increase brand loyalty, focus on revamping your data strategy. Data can tell you who your customers are and what they want!

What is Customer Experience?

Customer experience, or CX, refers to how customers look at your brand. From browsing your website to making a purchase, every interaction is important.

You should consider questions like does your call center only offer limited hours? Are you sending poorly targeted ads to people who aren’t interested? You wouldn’t want to be a furniture company sending ads for new leather couches to vegan customers. 

Customer experience depends on how effectively you can guide customers through the buyer’s journey. If there’s a snag, or a moment where potential buyers lose interest in your brand, that’s where you need to focus your efforts.

Improving customer experience helps customers feel good about your brand, so they’ll be more likely to give you their business. Customer retention rates and lifetime value are directly tied to how your brand is perceived. A negative reputation can torpedo your sales goals. 

Offering an efficient and pleasant customer experience is crucial for companies that want to remain competitive. 

Customer Experience and Data

Successful marketing efforts utilize a personalized, targeted approach. Advertising your products to the wrong population or using outdated information could damage your brand. 

To create a better customer experience, you need to use data. However, you may not be able to glean a lot of information from your website alone, especially if customers don’t need to sign in or create a profile. 

Instead of relying on your own data-collection efforts, bolster your marketing campaign with zero-party data. Top-tier marketers love zero-party data because customers provide the information themselves. That means you don’t have to worry about privacy concerns, and you get up-to-date information straight from the source.

In fact, zero-party data may soon become the most reliable type of third-party data available. Major internet browsers are increasing consumer privacy protections and outlawing third-party cookies. Zero-party data avoids these issues because it’s a 100% ethically sourced, cookie-less solution

Improve CX with Zero-Party Data

Treating your customers as if they’re identical won’t help your brand or conversion rate. Optimizing customer experience requires serious data because of the level of personalization involved. 

Zero-party data lets you personalize campaigns. You can group customers by metrics like shopping habits, budget, and more. Once you identify who you’re marketing to, you can craft a targeted approach. 

Customers don’t want to feel like a number in the system. A mass marketing approach that isn’t tweaked to suit each customer often comes across as bland and overly corporate. Imagine calling a beloved company and hearing the team member get your name or order history wrong. Such a frustrating experience might force you to rethink where you do business.

With zero-party data, you can obtain a 360-degree customer view, a view that encompasses all of your customer data and displays it in one spot. This will help you connect to potential and current buyers. Customer service mistakes will also be harder to make if the team has access to each customer’s data. 

How to Use Zero Party Data to Personalize the Customer Journey

Marketing possibilities exploded with the birth of the digital age. Before, advertisers were limited to impersonal efforts like billboards and newspaper ads.

Now, even the most effective billboard isn’t sufficient. A motel located by the highway might need billboards plastered near the exits, but it also needs a website and a decent social media presence if it wants to stay relevant. A targeted email or mail campaign might significantly increase sales.

Sending a 50% off coupon to 1,000 random people will not be nearly as effective as sending the same coupon to people who’ve expressed interest in your services. The motel is wasting its time advertising to the woman who hates sleeping outside of her home. However, a well-designed ad or useful coupon might appeal to frequent travelers. 

Personalization isn’t just a marketing buzzword - it’s a real strategy for success. Companies like Netflix and Spotify satisfy millions of users by providing highly personalized suggestions. The content that each user sees depends on their own preferences.

As you can see, size isn’t a limiting factor for personalization. You can deliver an individualized customer experience if you have ten customers or 10 million. 

Improve Customer Experience with the Help of Klover

Modern companies need data to fuel their marketing efforts. You can make your job easier with the help of third-party data collected by Klover. 

Klover’s users provide their banking information in exchange for access to financial services. We can look at their account and transaction data which gives us insight into their overall buying behavior. 

Do they make frequent purchases? Do they have a large budget? This is information that would be almost impossible to figure out on your own. Your customers are not going to share intimate details about themselves unless they’re getting something in return. 

That’s why Klover’s innovative approach is making waves. The data we collect is not only ethically sourced; it’s completely reliable and deterministic. We don’t have to infer that the customer likes fast food; we know that the customer likes fast food because we can complete a receipt-level analysis. 
Partner with Klover today and start building a data-driven marketing campaign. We can help you transform your customer experience.

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