Address the new reality of reaching your audience




Face it: Reaching potential customers is hard enough when the current state of data is a mess. Let’s not even get into impending legislation and changing consumer views.

What if there was an audience data solution that was fair, and most importantly, accurate?

Klover provides advertisers with Zero Party Data that is trustworthy, accurate, and fair so that you can create more effective marketing strategies to drive sales and obtain the results you need.

The right audience.
At the right time.

Audience to active purchasers

No more guessing: reach potential customers with data thats deterministic and verified.

Klover's Zero Party Data is gathered through our consumer-facing app where users receive free financial services, such as short-term credit with no APR and no hidden fees. In exchange, users give their permission to use their data for research, insights, and targeted advertising.

When you build your audience using our Zero Party Data, you can trust that it's...

100% CCPA & GDPR Compliant

Future Proofed Against Cookie Expiration

Verified Personally Identifiable Information


Activate your campaign to meet these buyers where they are

Build your custom audience starting with Klover's real customers, selecting merchants and categories shopped. Activate your campaigns across the web with our premium partner inventory - or reach millions of highly engaged users directly within the Klover app - all available with support from our white glove campaign management team.

Build Your Audience

Get your campaigns live with:

Access to top publishers & industry leading SSPs

Targeting millions of engaged users in the Klover app

Support from dedicated traders & specialists experienced in both performance and branding campaigns


Close the loop on knowing if your ad dollars worked.

When was the last time your campaign saw 4-8x ROAS?

Klover's access to transaction and receipt level purchases allows us to gather closed-loop insights from media exposure to purchase. This means real-time insights & attribution against millions of SKU-level data points that give you accurate insights such as:

Measuring Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

Measuring sales lift by breaking users into test and control groups and observing their behavior during and up to two weeks after receiving an impression

More granular insights from your customers such as new/lapsed buyer activity, transaction size per group, visit frequency and more

Are you ready to future-proof your campaign?

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